Friday, August 13, 2010

Write 2 Ur Music..

I wanna write to your music
Watch your hands make special movements
Stroking piano keys
Or strumming the chords of an acoustic guitar
Or maybe beating the heads of a drum
Whatever sounds you create
I wanna write to it
I wanna be able to feel the beat
I wanna be able to recreate ur melodious harmonies with my words
So maybe just maybe they may meet and become one
So maybe just maybe they will come together and create magic
Your sounds
My words
I wanna write to your music
Feel the hairs on the back of my neck rise when you play
Embrace all the shivers and shakes my body will make when I hear you
Front row and center, up close and personal
Just me and you
I dont need nor do I want anything more than that
Just let me write to your music
Can I write to your music baby?
Create a sound that my soul can feel
And I’ll create the words to match it
Put together a piece that’ll make me bow and shake my head in acceptance
I wanna say “mmmm yea” when I hear it
All I need is your harmony
All I need is you
All I need is your sound
And I’ll make sure my words compliment it
I need to write to your music
I yearn to write to your music
My hands and fingertips fiend to pick up my pen
And sit front row and center
Up close and personal
And just write to your music
Even if it takes all night
It doesn’t matter because I know that you’ll play for me
I know that you’ll play for me for as long as it takes
But I promise not to keep you too long
Just long enough for me to write to your music
Will you play your acoustic for me baby?
Can I please watch you beat the heads of that drum?
Will you let me listen while you stroke those 88’s??
All I need is ur sound
All I need is your sound to be able to create words
Jus lemme write to your music

Friday, August 6, 2010

Online Dating...Yay or Nay?

I've been in a couple relationships where I met the dude online and some of them ended well and some of them ended in heartache and pain, and as of recently I've been hearing people saying that they can't, won't and just plain ol don't get the whole 'meeting people online' type thing.  I personally see nothing wrong with it, because you can meet ur soul mate behind the screen or you can meet a complete asshole behind the screen. Same thing goes for meeting people the old fashioned way ie., gas station, grocery store, in the street wherever you may be. You can meet a rapist at the club and meet a complete honest and sweet person online. I just really don't get what the issue with that is, but I'd love to hear what ya'll have to say..
*Opinions are like belly buttons, everybody has one* Please be mindful :)


Sunday, August 1, 2010

Glory Dayz: Perfectly Unperfect

Glory Dayz, a Bronx representative that’s trying to bring that pure form of story telling back to the game, started writing poetry when he was 14 and transformed deep wisdom into painted pictures.  From the struggle, the grind, loss of close friends, addictions, having a child young, and going through every trial and tribulation a kid from the inner city could experience, he takes you on his journey to success.  So sit back and welcome something we been missing for a while now....

Perfectly Unperfect

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