Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Too Much Info?!

Was having a conversation with one of my very best male friends and of course I pondered this question:

Is there a such thing as giving ur significant other 'too much' personal information? Does said girl/guy have to be dating you long term, or do they have to be ur wife/husband to have access to all of you? I ask because I know all of my fiance's personal information. Social, bank account info, pin numbers, passwords. Not because I asked for them, but because he wanted me to have it. Some will say he's an idiot, but I beg to differ..Share ur thoughts.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


It's been a while since my last post. I've been super caught up with life lol. And with that said, let's get right into it.
Here's the question:
Engagements..Who picks out the ring? If she has no idea ur going to propose do you pick the ring out urself in hopes that she'll love it? Or is it a planned engagement where you go looking for rings and she picks it out? How does this work? And would you be offended if she hated the ring you got her?

Monday, January 10, 2011

So the following albums have been in heavy..i mean super heavy rotation on iTunes as of late:
These 4 albums have just been doin it for me lately..I'm in the process of discovering new new music and listening and reviewing..so that will be coming up in the next few days..Keep an eye out :) 

Saturday, January 1, 2011

KashBanks: One on One

Got up with upcoming The Klassiks artist KashBanks and got the chance to ask him a couple of questions about his music career..Here's how it went..Check it out! 

The Opened Mind Blog: What's the story behind the name "KashBanks"? And how long have you been known by it?
KashBanks: "Well, my last name is really "Banks", and as a kid, I used to be crazy for money and I still am.  People been calling me Kash since I was 13 years old..7 years."

TOMB: What do you expect to gain out of 'rapping' if anything? (If you would even call it that)
KB: "Yea, I don't all it rap either. I do so much more that it's hard to label, it but my goal is to be the star that changes the way things are in the industry."

TOMB: If you could be signed right now to any major label, which would it be and why?
KB: "That's hard. In fact, I can't say just one label. What ever label I feel I'm able to work my best at.

TOMB: Who or what motivates you?
KB: "Life. So many things happen everyday that it's hard for me not to be motivated."

TOMB: What do you do to get in the zone when you're writing and making music?
KB: "Freestyle. I'm used to freestyling. (My whole first mixtape was freestyling by the way), so now that I write, it's easy. I always have the whole song in my head and I'm always in my zone."

TOMB: How long would you say does it take you to do one song..from start to finish?
KB: "20 minutes to write the whole song, an hour to record it, and another hour for last minute changes. Oh, and my producers "The Klassiks" are 100 percent to thank for me being able to complete full songs in that amount of time. (2 and a half hours roughly)."

TOMB: How many songs have you written?
KB: "300 to 400. I was a songwriter before I became a recording artist, so I have a lot written."

TOMB: Let's talk about the mixtape "Purple Kicks and Glasses"...Tell me first about the name..
KB: "I actually took something a friend said to me in the studio one day and used it.  My homie Babehound was joking on me for having purple converse and glasses on at the time, so I ran with it. Shout outs to my team #!!!"

TOMB: Who were the producers on the mixtape?
KB: "Me and The Klassiks produced every track on the mixtape. The Klassiks are gonna take over!!!"

TOMB: When can we expect the next installment?
KB: "This year! I can't let my nerds and nerd-ets down."

TOMB: How would you describe your music?
KB: "Nerd punk. I had to make up a genre for it. Lol"

TOMB: Is there anything else that you want the world to know about you?
KB: "New EP and album coming soon!!!!! And Im just a nerd that became a #FrequentFlyerGang member and a "The Klassiks" artist. I won't change."

Thanks a million to KashBanks for the interview..I wish you great success in all of ur future music projects... :)

If you wanna download KB's latest mixtape "Purple Kicks and Glasses", scroll down a bit and you'll find it in one of the older blogs. Be sure to follow Kash on Twitter and Myspace



Sunday, December 26, 2010

I had a Very Merry Christmas..

So i spontaneously decided that I didn't wanna be in NC for Christmas..I bought a one way ticket to NY, and came home Christmas Eve..I felt like a rockstar doin that..Spent the day with the family and I couldn't have asked for anything else. Later on in the day, I should say night, I saw someone that I haven't seen in so long..and seeing them jus made me realize how much I missed them. Yea we speak ever so often but it was jus surreal..and very unexpected. I had a great Christmas with the fam, but my night was made with that surprise visit..I hope all of you had a great day as well!..

Thursday, December 23, 2010

One More Again..

Alright we gonna try this blog thing one more time. I know I started and then I fell off, but imma try to keep it going this time. A post a day. That's the goal for now. Music reviews..makeup and hair info..and jus a bunch of other random shit. Stay tuned folks :)
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Monday, October 4, 2010


KashBanks is an NY native, grew up in Virgina, and is currently living back in NY, the bronx to further pursue his music career.  He started off producing and songwriting, and later on starting rapping.  He fell in love with it (rapping) and recently made the transition to becoming an artist.  Banks focuses on creativity, as well as punch lines and slick flows...Check out his Mixtape!!!

You can also catch the Koolest Nerd around the web world on Myspace..
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